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Engineering Consulting Services

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Your customized solution is brought to life in our development shop, where our expert team meets your specifications every time.


Strategy &


We use the best 3D modeling and analysis tools.

ProCubed LLC is an engineering consulting firm specializing in defining, designing, and building innovative products along with the equipment and processes needed for production.

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Jim – President; BS in Mechanical Engineering, MBA. Outstanding at choosing and directing the best team to complete the project.  

Teresa - VP Business Development. Well seasoned Business Administrator and Good Manufacturing Practices compliance.
Chris – Designer, fabricator; BS in Computer Science with an emphasis in engineering design. Chris excels at electro-mechanical design, machining and prototyping.

The Team

Our engineering professionals meet with your team to understand your needs and reach the optimum solution. 

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procubed is  in the business of solving difficult problems. our culture is one of innovation, integrity and teamwork. ​