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Engineering Consulting Services

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ProCubed developed connections to build unique furniture with reclaimed material found in warehouses across the country. 

we want to add your projects here! 

this is a project that recycles materials to make creative, useful  furniture. 

Also check us out on Instructables.com!

This is one of ours. we bought a portable air conditioner and found the window vent to be flimsy and ineffective. So we built our own and now we sell them on ebay.

Procubed is more than a  company doing a great job.
We aspire to INSPIRE
We believe there are people across the globe who have ideas for great things and don’t know where to go with them.

Well, this is the place!

Please note: So far what you have seen from ProCubed is only the mechanical projects. There is much more to come. We are developing new things all the time, including concepts that use the Arduino technology for motion control. You can learn more about Arduino   HERE

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Our window vent kit for portable AC units. Available on eBay.