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The Linear to Rotary Motion trainer and the i5d Wheelchair are tools to help us share accomplishment. The i5d Wheelchair is the first product to use the LRM technology. Selling the LRM trainer will provide the funding needed to develop market awareness of the advantages of LRM based products. The i5d Wheelchair will generate international interest that will help in marketing other LRM applications.

  • Procubed is about helping people solve problems through innovation and team building.

  • We work with creative people to accomplish extraordinary things.

  • We believe that real wealth is created by entrepreneurs improving life experiences.

  • We think everyone with the desire to be an entrepreneur should get help to realize their dream.

  • We have a plan and a patented technology for shared entrepreneurial success.

  • Let’s work together to make the world a better place. Your knowledge and creativity will have an outlet for significant achievement.

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