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a van camper concept based on an old style dodge 1 ton van.

a look inside the proposed living space from the cab end:

there is 150 square feet of usable space.

possible construction materials:

  •  Aluminum skinned foam panels
  •  8020 Aluminum framing with linear slides where needed
  •  10mm coroplast panels to enclose the slide outs

A bathroom still needs to be added along with a kitchen. The locations would probably be near the center, adjacent to the passenger side double doors.

the concept includes adding a movable roof and slide-outs through the door openings.

the roof and slide outs are ready for the final steps.

if you would like detailed plans or more information on building either of these campers, send us an email on the contact page.

the entry walls are extended to the ground.

This is another motor home concept using a large cargo van. We have the same goals for this unit with a little more overall space for passengers.