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We added a gear motor to the hex nut on the output drive shaft. Linear input motion creates power.

We designed a robust bench top LRM we call The Trainer. The Trainer is a curiosity and a useful learning tool. The Trainer can teach you how to make your own applications.

This video demonstrates 40 watts of power, with a somewhat chaotic input motion. The light and fan pull 40 Watts of power per the manufacturer's specifications. Natural forces like wind and tides are powerful and chaotic. The LRM is perfect for making useful power from chaos. 

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We invite you to experiment with this technology. The concepts pages represent some of the possible uses. Observe the LRM trainer turning chaotic linear motion into power, above. Unlike a crank, the LRM can make more power from chaotic natural sources without a geared transmission. An added challenge to designers could include incorporating motor control devices like the ARDUINO with the LRM. Could an LRM/Arduino combination be used to make a Human-Powered/Electric hybrid vehicle? That is a concept worth considering. Throw in some solar cells on the body work for additional power. 

First test showing the Trainer in action

Next, we added a battery to smooth the power flow and a diode to control the direction of the electrons to the battery and not back to the generator. In our low voltage lab we simply clipped the connections together. 

​​​LRM is an acronym for Linear to Rotary Motion conversion.

The LRM is a novel mechanism that can be used to improve many products. Some of the development history and unique functionality is demonstrated in this video. 


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