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These pages are about sharing ideas for things that are based on the LRM (Linear to Rotary Motion) technology platform.  We will be offering the LRM Trainer as a tool that will teach you how to develop better products based on the LRM. You are welcome to join in the discussion of concepts and build your own LRM Application.

This windmill tree is a fine idea. Why not get that wind power from a natural, beautiful tree. The LRM can harvest the wild wind blowing through the natural tree and generate power.

additional concepts

The People Powered Automobile concept is about getting more power from the riders to all four wheels.  In this concept the LRM conversion mechanisms are located behind each wheel. Cables are used to transfer linear motion from the riders to the LRMs and rotate the wheels continuously in the direction selected. You can think of it like having an electric motor driving each wheel.  Differential steering can be accomplished by changing the linear inputs between the inner and outer turn radii. This efficient 4 wheel-drive would help a light vehicle maintain traction.

The clean energy movement is growing every day. We know there is a global interest for using natural forces to generate power. The piece that is missing is a modern, easier way to harvest the chaotic natural energy and convert it to power. That is what the LRM technology can do.

Some examples where the LRM could help:

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This product represents an upgrade to an old design. The 3 wheeled cart shown is sometimes called an “Irish Postal Wagon.” This device has been around awhile. It uses a crank on the rear axle and that means it has fixed linear input amplitude.  Refitting the design with an LRM would get more power to the drive wheel and allow for natural torque and speed adjustments by the rider.

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green energy rocks!

Here is an example of harnessing turbulent water to make power. ​The LRM technology can simplify the process.

This design concept is a pendulum suspended from the top of a buoy hull. Wave action will rock the buoy and pendulum. Inertia will cause the pendulum to rock at a different frequency than the hull of the buoy.  Linear inputs from the motion between the buoy hull and the pendulum is converted to high rpm rotation by an LRM, and used to generate electricity. A line of power generating buoys can be connected with a single cord conducting power to users on shore.

cool concepts that can be built with LRM technology.

Like the buoy, nature makes it rock!

Roof Top Wind Mill

This wind generator is different from anything you have seen. The working surface area is huge to make lots of power at low wind speeds. This concept is intended to swing like a pendulum and create power similar to the buoy driven by wave action. Features include built in high wind speed safety shutdown, low maintenance, no wind direction adjustment, low profile to blend into its surroundings.

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