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fully ready camper with canvas side walls filling the space under the raised roof.

We will begin with recreational vehicle, motor home concepts because we find that it will fill a need that we have. We need an economical way to take our i5d Wheelchairs to Veterans around the country. A motor home would be useful to move people and chairs, and give us a base of operations when we reach our destination

We looked at slide-in truck campers. With an over-the-cab sleeping loft the unit will not fit under an 8 ft. garage door while on the truck. To get into most garages for service or storage the camper would have to be off the truck. We will remedy that instead of giving up the extra sleeping space.

some details of our Slide-in camper with dimensions. 

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The top rotates up first, followed by the "door box". the door box is the way into the camper, but it does more. 

Short list of concept goals for the motor home projects:

  • 15 mpg or better
  • Sleep at least 4 people
  • Height 8 ft. or less
  • Park in any lot space
  • Built with more skill than money
  • Safe, comfortable & dependable

​This page is about sharing ideas that are NOT based on the LRM platform technology. We encourage you to join in and send us your comments or concepts. We will add them to what we envision as a virtual maker space.

walls, beds, and a table are added with parts that are stored inside the folded camper.

this represents the shape around a truck for reduced friction with air.

this design concept is a transformer. its top rotates down to form a low drag shape.