Procubed, LLC

Procubed LLC is an Engineering Company that specializes in machine design, building, testing and validation. 
Our advanced problem solving skills have been proven with large and small companies. 
We believe that every job is significant; especially yours.

With an on site prototype construction shop, Procubed can help design, manufacture, and deliver your prototypes in less time and at a lower cost than most other consulting groups. 
Our state of the art software, machining tools, and knowledgeable staff can also supply small production quantities at a fair price.
When your sales team has a great idea, or needs a great idea, Procubed is at your service. Use a consulting company that has more than 30 years experience in the industry.
Results driven, cost conscience, efficiency and integrity are all forefront in the design phase of all our projects. Procubed works with your company staff to deliver the tool, the product or the design that meets your needs.

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